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We started with explaining the lowest level of the RFP response pyramid, the core elements. The next level of developing a winning RFP response is to bring it to life. You may be getting a few hits but may also hear that your RFP response seems to be “copy and paste.” If this is an issue, focus on the following:

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Proof Points: You can say that you’re good at something, but without proof, the words aren’t enough. You must pull through real-time statistics, success stories, and quantitative evidence into your RFP response to bring it to life.

Story Telling: Many responses are overly technical and only tout features of solutions. To create the best, most engaging RFP response, tell a story about how your solutions solve your prospects needs or pain points.

Tailor to the Client: When it comes to the jargon used in your RFP response, it is important to avoid language and acronyms that are not common knowledge to the average reader. Take into consideration who your audience is. By using the words that your prospect uses in their RFP, you can earn credibility and keep your decision maker reading.

Strong proof points convince evaluators that you have solid outcomes, which bring your RFP responses to life. Continue to the next post in our series, which shares how to stand out from your competitors.

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