Keeping Your Brand Consistent Across Communications

By all measures, your college or university is a great institution. And you have a diverse group of local and remote reps who are ready to spread your message to prospective students. So, they go out and tell those young, eager minds what’s great about your school.

But your website says something else. And every department section has different fonts and tone of voice on their sites. So, the prospective student doesn’t like the inconsistency, gets frustrated and chooses to research and visit somewhere else.

It’s crazy to think that these minor inconsistencies could turn someone off so easily, but expectations have changed, and students have a ton of choices. Generation Z, the largest target audience, grew up in skeptical economic/political climates and want evenness in how they’re approached.[1]

It’s also crazy to think that your brand message means so much to prospective students. But, it does.

As budgets decrease, marketing dollars are stretched

This results in communications being owned by different departments and firms, creating almost a free-for-all among different parts of the universities who try to do their own thing to stay within budget but still reach prospective students. The result: communications, both printed and digital, are produced with an inconsistent voice and brand message.

Luckily, there’s a way to reduce the amounted of printed materials and consolidate your communications in a single location and make sure that they carry that consistency your audience is looking for.

Our Digital Briefcase consolidates all of your communications into a single database

This allows you to control how they look and what they say. You can make sure that your reps have the right tools to reach out to prospective students and deliver the message in a way that speaks to them and increases their engagement.

You have the ability to customize and tailor follow-up information

You decide what goes out, where it’s sent and what it says. You can rest easy knowing that the student is reviewing the personalized information they want. As well, your brand credibility is saved. Your audiences will also notice, and you’ll see the increased responses from your target audience.

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[1] Lundin, Katie, How to Market Effectively to Generation Z, July 10, 2018

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