When clients put together marketing content for an agency, they are focused on the technical specifications and key benefits of their products. Although this is the most important information for sales, simply repackaging it for a B2B or B2C audience isn’t enough to resonate with the customer. The role of an agency is to challenge the client-provided content, not because of a lack of trust or confidence in the information, but because our job is to mold the information into a story that makes sense to the customer.

To use a writing-specific scenario as an example: it’s not enough just to edit for correct grammar and spelling. Anyone can produce a technically correct piece, but too much jargon or technical content can hinder digestibility. This is where an agency needs to come in to add value and increase the likelihood of a sale.

In order to really add value, we take a critical eye to all of the content, at both a macro and micro level. Challenge, challenge, challenge. We dig deep with questions like:

  • Is this really the best way to communicate the idea at hand?
  • What is the story we are trying to tell?
  • How can we gear this towards a specific audience?
  • Are we using the appropriate language for the industry?
  • Is there anything we can add?

We believe that for any form of client work, the agency needs to ask as many questions as possible, and we don’t stop there. Supplemental research can help ensure that no valuable information is missed. It can also provide suggestions for rewording jargon in ways that are easier to understand. Research doesn’t have to be a straightforward or formal process either; maybe it involves actually getting familiar with the industry or product in person or calling customers to get their feelings about the product or service in question. Anything that can humanize the sales collateral will elevate it above the competition.

Client work should tell a story, and stories are organic and sometimes complex. Again, this is why employing macro and micro thinking is imperative. There’s the story of the product or service, but there’s also the larger story about the company. If we can build on the credibility of the company, we know the individual sales materials will gain automatic credibility as well.

One of our main focuses as an agency is making sure a client’s brand is consistent across all mediums. In addition to improving sales collateral, we have tremendous experience pulling through brand messaging for other channels. In fact, it’s quick and second nature at this point. We’ll cut through any technical information that comes our way and make sure that your sales materials target the correct audience and align with your brand. We can help you tell your story.

About Weber Associates

Weber Associates is a Columbus, OH-based consulting firm. Since 1985, we have blended the creativity of a marketing agency with the analytical rigor of a consultancy to help our clients solve real sales and marketing challenges so they can significantly grow revenues and customer loyalty.