At Weber Associates, we know that an existing process that seems to be working may not necessarily be as up to date or efficient as it could be. We also recognize certain barriers may be holding you back from making changes to your operations, including organizational hurdles, politics and ownership of legacy systems, budget constraints, and the possibility of downtime. But dynamic businesses must remember that there is always room for improvement, and when it comes to the interactions your frontline sales force has with customers, it’s always worth it.

In today’s digital world, the average consumer already has a blend of both web and offline technology experience. When customers consider a purchase, they expect all relevant information to the product or service to be available to them at a moment’s notice. So, what does that mean for the front line?


“The digital reality of business decision makers is in danger of running salesmen into a loss of their sales identity.” – Martin Meyer-Gossner, CX & XM Solution Strategist


The key to facilitating a successful sale is to equip the front line with a wealth of resources to enable informed, consultative sales interactions. Regardless of their product knowledge or sales charisma, a representative is only as successful as the tools they employ and the environment in which they are selling. The right tool provides simple, straightforward support, yet doesn’t get in the way to let the front line really shine.

If your representatives rely on memory, messy spreadsheets, off-the-cuff conversations, cumbersome paper forms, or impromptu post-it notes, it’s time to bring your sales process into the future. That’s where a digital sales tool comes in.


Better for your sales team

Your representatives need to be clued-in to all the up-to-date information and pricing they might need during a sale, and a digital sales tool—like a tablet tool—offers a professional, organized system designed to correlate with each step of the sales cycle, from prospecting, to quoting, to follow-up.

Better for the customer experience

With a technology-based sales interaction, your customers get the modern, digital, experience they expect, and it stays consistent from one representative to the next. Customers leave with a transparent, accurate estimate and a digital connection to a representative that allows for ongoing interaction. No more unclear information or handwritten quotes.


Better for your business

Your sales experience represents your brand, and a professional tool brings your sales process to the same high standard upon which the rest of your business operates. Plus, digital record of each sales interaction doesn’t just enable follow-up with customers; it gives your management team actionable insights into the front line, so they can use monitoring and measurement to hold representatives accountable, diagnose issues, and provide guidance accordingly.


Our experience tells us that introducing a digital sales tool is only half the battle. A new sales process requires change management to ensure the front line is onboard and engaged as well as ongoing management and measurement to evaluate effectiveness and areas for improvement. We can help you overcome any barriers to change by starting small, gaining momentum with quick wins, making decisions and adjustments based on metrics, and boosting the excitement of your sales force prior to rolling out a new tool.

To learn more about how Weber Associates can help you modernize your sales process, take a look at the digital tools we’ve implemented for other business customers, from the telecommunications industry to the healthcare space.

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