At Weber Associates, we don’t just help companies look good on the outside. We enjoy utilizing our business expertise to improve internal operations for various clients, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. After all, communications are key, and if your internal communications aren’t in order it could be negatively affecting all of the other parts of your business.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, poor internal communications can cost small companies up to $420,000 and large enterprises up to $62 million annually.

The purpose of a communications audit is to assess your current situation and provide recommendations for a strategy that will allow you to deliver on your company vision.

Current State Assessment

Managing communications brings both challenges and opportunities. Companies often make significant investments, but still struggle to overcome common pain points. What we can do is help you identify those areas that aren’t aligned optimally. We use a multi-phased approach to capture observations and data about your communications landscape, including your people, processes, content, and systems of distribution. Combine that with our deep understanding of best practices based on research and experience, and we have a full understanding of your internal communications that allows us to move to the next step.


Through root cause analysis, we take our observations and investigate what their implications may be for your business. You need to understand not only where your communications are lacking, but what that means for you – the “so what.” This middle step of the process is integral in reaching the end goal and, frankly, gaining your trust. We want you to know that our recommendations don’t come from thin air. They are meticulously crafted to eliminate the dangers that your current practices might be posing to your business.

Strategic Imperatives 

By segmenting our recommendations into the four main categories that make up your internal communications – people, process, content, and systems – we make it clear how our suggested initiatives tie back to the initial observations. And we don’t stop there. We will also do the triaging for you based on need, effort and impact, so you know which initiatives are of the highest priority. We’ll tell you what your immediate needs are for the next 30-60 days so that you can hit the ground running.


It’s important that your entire team understand and support your company’s mission. Consistent and direct communication across the business is the best way to reach your goals quickly and seamlessly. We can help you optimize your internal communications with a strategy that gets you to those goals.

About Weber Associates

Weber Associates is a Columbus, OH-based consulting firm. Since 1985, we have blended the creativity of a marketing agency with the analytical rigor of a consultancy to help our clients solve real sales and marketing challenges so they can significantly grow revenues and customer loyalty.