Individuals classified as Generation Z were born after 1996 which means the oldest ones have begun graduating from college. As these individuals grow older and become adult consumers, businesses will need to adapt to the changing consumer landscape. Here are 4 key stats to help understand Generation Z.


Gen Z views social media as the primary conduit for all interpersonal connections (Gartner)

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with the internet and has fully adopted social media as their primary method of interaction with other people. While some research shows that Generation Z is turning away from traditional social media platforms to favor private messaging applications, what is clear is that a digital marketing strategy is necessary to reach these consumers.

39% of Gen Z adults say their purchasing decisions are most influenced by social media, and 10% are influenced by celebrities or influencers (McKinsey)

More and more, Gen Zers are relying on their social media connections for recommendations on products and services. Some brands have been quick to adapt by encouraging user-generated content with their products and adapting to a more informal brand expression. One continuously growing segment of digital marketing has been through the use of influencers. Gen Z is expected to rely more heavily on influencers to guide them in purchasing decisions.

45% of Gen Zers feel represented in the ads they see when it comes to diversity and 71% of Gen Zers say they would like to see more diversity in advertising (Facebook)

Generation Z is the most diverse generation in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, 48% of Gen Z is non-white and 22% of Gen Zers have at least one immigrant parent. As these consumers enter adulthood and make more purchasing decisions, they want to see companies embracing all lifestyle influences in their media.

59% of Gen Z adults view brands as a representation of personal values (Mintel)

By and large, Generation Z is concerned with their overall image and they view brands as a part of that image. Because of that the values of a company are of primary concern to Generation Z. Among the top-ranking values Gen Zers look for in companies are: 1) Treating their employees fairly, 2) Following environmentally friendly practices, 3) Treating animals ethically, and 4) Donating products to people in need. Companies looking to appeal to Generation Z consumers should promote their company values proudly.

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