The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed a lot about how we work. It’s obvious that we are seeing an increase in video conferencing, email communications, phone calls, and online collaboration, and that’s because internal communications are one of the most important aspects of a company’s operations. With so many people working from home, companies should be scrutinizing their internal communications more than ever. Here’s what some of the experts are saying.

On the necessity of communications expertise:

“It is now time to acknowledge that communication expertise has become as essential to outbreak control as epidemiological training and laboratory analysis.” – World Health Organization

On the concerns of current employees:

“Employees are turning to business as a source of truth on the daily issues they’re facing, so we’re counseling our clients to keep up a continual cadence of credible information.” – Lisa Ross, U.S. COO and head of Edelman’s Washington, D.C. office.1

On the role of communicators:

“Our role as communicators is not to simply re-report the news to our employees. Our job is to contextualize it.” – Becky Graebe, former internal communicator at SAS2

On the urgency for accurate information:

“People are hungry for useful and up-to-the-minute information, and this should always be delivered in a tone that conveys expertise, confidence and clarity.”  – T. Garland Stansell, chair of the Public Relations Society of America3

On the importance of leadership through communication:

“It’s never been more important for employers to meet employees where they are with critical information personalized to them so they feel informed, supported and connected.” – Nicole Alvino, co-founder and chief strategy officer of SocialChorus4

During a time of crisis, or any time you are redesigning your internal communications systems, you need a strategy to ensure that your communications are helping you reach your goals. Weber Associates can provide a communications audit to evaluate your current practices and to offer insights and strategic recommendations that will keep your business running at full strength.

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