By equipping your salespeople with a tablet-optimized sales kit, fully loaded with presentations, calculators, and videos, you and your sales team will be more confident in every sales situation.

1) Deliver consistent messaging.

From the most experienced salesperson to the greenest rookie, every member of your sales team (including those who aren’t salespeople but sometimes end up needing to give a sales pitch) will be delivering the same approved presentations and videos.

2) Provide easier explanations.

Whether you are presenting something that is sincerely complicated – or just something that might seem complicated to an uninformed customer or prospect – charts, diagrams, infographics, animations, or videos can be used to enable any salesperson to explain things to nearly anyone.

3) Increase confidence in pricing.

When selling a product or service that is not frequently purchased or has complicated pricing plans, clearly listed prices and interactive pricing calculators make it easier for salespeople to share – and customers to understand – your pricing.

4) Enable greater cross-selling.Surface_Mock_2

By putting informative sales materials at the fingertips of each and every salesperson, you are enabling them to give at least a high-level explanation of the features and benefits of every offering your organization has, even those that the salesperson may not be very familiar with.

5) Have the most up-to-date information.

Because all of the presentations, videos, and calculator logic live online, you can update them as often as necessary, and know that your entire sales force is seeing and sharing the absolute most current information with your mobile sales kit.

6) Exude modern professionalism.

By using a tablet-based mobile sales kit, filled with professional presentations, interactive calculators, and informative videos, your entire organization will exude a forward-thinking, tech-savvy image.

7) Know what your salespeople are sharing.

With the usage data and reporting, you can tell which salesperson is sharing which presentations, showing which videos, and running calculations for exactly which products or services, enabling you to make direct correlations between usage and sales.

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