Standing Out: And if you want to be a notch above your competitors, focus on:

  • Visualization: Most responses incorporate a mixed bag of tables, reports and overly complex, mix-matched graphics that don’t help the story at all. The best responses use clean, consistent, and simple graphics and visual queues to help readers get through complex and lengthy responses more efficiently with greater understanding.
  • Client Lens: Do all your paragraphs or sentences begin with your company’s name? What about your table of contents? Try turning your narrative around to talk about your client first, recognizing their needs and pain points and how partnering with you can alleviate those issues.

About Weber Associates

Weber Associates is a Columbus, OH based consulting firm. Since 1985, we have blended the creativity of a marketing agency with the analytical rigor of a consultancy to help our clients significantly grow revenues and customer loyalty. People hire us to solve real sales and marketing challenges. To improve their sales process. To grab someone’s attention and selling something. In short, they hire us to make their marketing make more sales.


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