Most companies like yours dread when their prospects, or even worse their existing customers, issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for goods, products, or services. It usually means that it’s going to be a highly competitive sales climate, or that your client must go through the formality due to the nature of their business.

Either way, if you are responsible for the RFP responses in your organization, or the results of those responses, competing and winning through an RFP process has a huge set of challenges!

  • Most companies like you have a core RFP response team, but use a database of “canned” answers to simply cut and paste into responses without taking time to tailor to the needs of your prospects…
  • … Many organizations have used 3rd party providers to supplement the core team, yet responses tend to be focus on the technical aspects of your solutions versus storytelling…
  • … Leaving organizations like yours struggling to truly differentiate yourself in this highly competitive marketplace

In over 30 years of working with sales organizations, we’ve found that how you tell your story in an RFP response or finalist presentation is one of the most critical factors in winning business, both new and existing. We’ve identified nine distinct drivers of success for RFP responses, finalist presentations and readiness that truly allow you to separate yourself from your competition. This series of articles will help guide you through how to develop a winning RFP response each and every time.

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