15 Years of More Than Selling Cellphones

From sales pitch decks to retail price cards. From customizable in-store assets to isometric solutions landscapes. Weber started as a sales and marketing partner with Sprint and has continued with T-Mobile, helping sales reps sell more – more quickly and more confidently – for over 15 years.

B2B product pitch decks require more than just features and benefits

When launching a new product or relaunching a network, your pitch deck sets the tone for how potential customers react to your product. It needs to be a blend of engaging, informative, and understanding. Weber aims to tell the complete story around a product or network in each of the 80 pitch decks we create each year. Besides basics like features, benefits, and pricing, we always do extra research around market trends and customer needs, pulling in statistics where appropriate. Our final pitch decks encompass the complete story to help differentiate yourself from your competitors and get your potential customers’ attention.

Adding context to comprehensive vertical solutions

When it comes to selling IoT solutions, being able to show customers the devices in a real-life context helps bring the products to life. With so many solutions and customers in different industries, how do you showcase those solutions in the most effective way? Weber created vertical-based isometric landscapes that showcase the complete suite of IoT solutions that T-Mobile offers in industries including education, construction, manufacturing, retail, transportation, service, healthcare, law enforcement, hospitality, and more. The landscapes help showcase the IoT products in a visual way that makes it easy for a customer to understand each device’s location and how they work together to form a comprehensive IoT solution.

Providing price cards for more stores in less time

After merging with Sprint and acquiring all their store formats, T-Mobile needed help setting up an automated process for outputting their price cards. Weber created a price card database that outputs around 1,500 price cards per year for all the devices and accessories for every store format, language, and color scheme. The database reduces the amount of time to produce all the price cards from several days to just a few hours.

Personalized marketing without infinite custom content

How do you target hundreds of thousands of individuals employed by drastically different companies with collateral? It’s not sustainable for T-Mobile’s individual-liable marketing team to create customized items for each company. Weber manages and maintains the content in T-Mobile’s print-on-demand platform which allows the field to personalize content to better reach the individuals whose companies participate in the T-Mobile Work Perks discount program. Reps can customize the collateral housed in the tool to personalize each asset and apply it to their audience. They can customize the company name, contact information, contact URL, and even choose their own image. We continually update a library of around 225 assets each year, including flyers, posters, web banners, tent cards, and presentations, that help reps personalize and promote the discount program.

Merger rebranding is more than just changing colors

Every time your brand changes, the process of rebranding all your sales collateral can be overwhelming. It can be even more overwhelming when you are trying to learn another company’s brand. After T-Mobile merged with Sprint, the new T-Mobile for Business team needed help repositioning Sprint’s solutions in the T-Mobile look and feel. Weber took the previous Sprint assets and translated them into the new T-Mobile Business brand. We looked at the differences between Sprint and T-Mobile’s business brands’ tone and voice, the use of imagery and graphics, and general visual feel to transform the Sprint collateral into T-Mobile collateral. All solutions now reflect the T-Mobile for Business brand as a cohesive set of materials available to sales reps to utilize.