Weber Sales Enablement

Today’s buyers are more informed, connected and empowered than ever before. And both traditional and emerging sales channels have struggled to keep up with their evolving demands. That’s because customers don’t think in channels like businesses do.

Random acts of marketing and sales no longer work with customers. They’ve got to be integrated and part of your larger plan. Next-generation sales enablement fully integrates the lens of the customer to equip your frontlines and align other channels to succeed in this new world. Taking a customer-centric view is a critical – but often-missed – nuance, especially in B2B.

Enter Weber Sales Enablement.

B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing achieve 24% faster 3-year revenue growth and 27% faster 3-year profit growth.

Source: Wheelhouse Advisors 

The Right Targets


  • Sweet Spot Segmentation

  • Buyer Values, Behaviors & Purchasing Preferences

  • Buyer Journey Mapping

  • QuickStrike Sales Targeting

The Right Content


  • Story & Value Proposition

  • Dynamic Targeted Messaging

  • Customer Engagement & Education

  • Custom Collateral

More than $16 billion in revenue from eight Medicaid projects covering Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and Illinois awarded state contracts

Integrated Distribution


  • Omni-Channel Optimization

  • Sales Process & Behaviors

  • Qualified Lead Generation

“Customers don’t think in channels, but businesses do. Make sure your approach is in line with your audience, and where they will most likely engage.”

“Using Science to Humanize B2B Selling”

Sales Process, Tools & Training


  • Sales Hiring, On-Boarding & Training

  • Sales Playbooks

  • Interactive Sales Presentations

  • Interactive Customer Tools

  • Sales & Marketing Collateral

  • Sales & Marketing Gone Mobile

Barclays UK card division shortened its new hire training ramp-up time by 16 weeks and increased cross-selling conversion rates by 86% by following Weber’s proven method for success.

Sales Coaching & Measurement


  • Sales Leadership & Coaching

  • Management Toolkits

  • Cause-and-Effect Sales Dashboards

“Organizations that align coaching with sales enablement see a 27.9% improvement in win rates.”

-CSO Insights