QA Plus+

Most organizations think they are scoring the right behaviors in their QA program, but the call listeners are often on “cruise control,” checking boxes and not listening for fresh insights about the customers or reps.

The best QA organizations regularly develop “game-changing insights” that inspire executive action and new strategies. But these are rare.

"We listened to 850,000 calls last year, and I didn't open the report once."

– SVP Fortune 100 Call Center

QA Plus+ is More Than Just Quality Monitoring and Auditing

In order to understand what’s truly driving results, we conduct QA monitoring on multiple levels to help you drive foundational improvements to behaviors and key performance indicators (KPIs). QA Plus+ will provide your organization with:

  • QA Monitoring for your internal or outsourced call centers
  • Observations and correlations to build hypotheses about your business and track new variables that are driving results
  • Valuable, strategic and provocative insights to help you understand what levers to push and pull to drive results

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QA+ Sample Report

QA+ Product Handout