Improve performance. Drive growth.

If you have – or fear that you have – any of following challenges, a communications audit could help you increase sales success, efficiencies and brand consistency.


  • Inconsistent presentation of offerings across channels
  • Surplus of largely unused materials
  • Misalignment between advertising and sales messaging
  • Unfocused assets that don’t emphasize customer needs
  • Gaps in tools and assets developed for frontline use
  • Outdated sales materials
  • Insufficient sales training methods
  • Reliance on paper vs. digital assets
  • Unnecessarily complex product information and training tools
  • Limited ability to customize message to audience with salespeople frequently straying from “the script” and even making up their own sales materials.

Expected outcomes of a communications audit:

  • Align message and interactions across all touch points
  • Clarify which marketing assets are currently in frequent use by your frontline
  • Eliminate potential redundancies, gaps or misalignment
  • Improve effectiveness of current strategy
  • Find ways to improve your marketing assets, support tools and processes used by your frontline